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The Axe Legion is one of the five Legion types developed by Neuron and usable within ASTRAL CHAIN. It is a special support-type Legion that combines offense and defense.

In battle, the Axe Legion uses a massive Axe-like weapon and once served as the personal Legion of Maximilian Howard.


The Axe Legion is a humanoid Legion wielding a massive Axe-like weapon. It shares all the same design elements as the other Legions, however the armor on its body is more streamlined and has fewer protrusions than the other types, giving it a more human appearance. It is the only Legion to not have rings on its upper shoulders or neck, with only one on the forehead. It also has a blue plate on its forehead, which is also unique to the Axe Legion. While it does have legs, it also has three extensions from its hip, resembling skirt armor. "POLICE" is written on the skirt-like extensions and the upper part of its axe, "NEURON" on its left shoulder, and "SV-01" on the lower part of the axe, the handle of the axe, its lower arms, legs, and chest piece. 


The final Legion unlocked in the game, the Axe Legion sacrifices speed for sheer power. It has the slowest movement speed of all five Legions, but has the highest base attack power and multiple defensive abilities.

Special Abilities[]

The Axe Legion can create an energy barrier around itself and the protagonist, acting as a shield from attacks. The Legion can also counter attacks using its weapon.[1]

Additionally, the Axe Legion can inject energy into areas its weapon is stabbed, causing an explosion strong enough to destroy special objects or surfaces that cannot be broken by other Legion types.[2]

Skill Tree[]

  Axe Legion Skill Tree

Axe Skill Tree

Add Ability Slot

Defense +5%

Attack +5%

Add Ability Slot

Chain Bind + Sync

Perfect Dodge + Sync

Power Charge


Speed Star

Defense +5%

Blue Shield

Attack +5%

Defense +10%

Attack +10%

Crash Bomb

Hit Rush

Rising Axe

Axe Sweep

Perfect Call

Defense +10%

Attack +10%

Sync keep

Perfect Call + Sync

Add Ability Slot

Defense +20%

Attack +20%

Add Ability Slot

Unlockable Skills[]

  • Blue Shield
    • Cooldown: 30 sec
    • Description: The Axe Legion summons three blue shields around the player, protecting them from three attacks.
  • Auto-Bind
    • Cooldown: 10 sec
    • Description: Automatically Chain Binds all nearby enemies.
  • Speed Star
    • Cooldown: 20 sec
    • Description: The Axe Legion increases its own and the player's overall speed.
  • Power Charge
    • Cooldown: 16 sec
    • Description: Boosts attack power of you and the Axe Legion.
  • Crash Bomb
    • Cooldown: 2.5 sec
    • Description: Uses the axe to set a time bomb that explodes if touched
  • Hit Rush
    • Cooldown: 12 sec
    • Description: Temporarily unchains the Legion for a fierce combo
  • Sync Keep
    • Cooldown: 26 sec
    • Briefly retain boosted stats and ability effects after dismissing the legion

Subject Log Description[]

A Legion created from a Humanoid-type chimera, with a massive axelike weapon.

In the hands of a capable Legionis, the Axe Legion forms a protective barrier that shields those inside it from fire, poison gas and other dangers.